NETOA Sponsor a Pipe Appeal

You are invited to help with the on-going refurbishment of the New Victoria Wurlitzer Organ.

Sponsor a Pipe Roll of Appreciation Display LR

The ‘Roll of Appreciation’ for all donations received is displayed in the New Victoria Centre in the form of these ‘organ pipes

Now in its 89th year, our ‘mighty’ Wurlitzer organ continues to benefit from your valued support. To date we have received donations totalling over £15,000 towards our target of £20,000 – which is a fine effort and we are most grateful to all contributors for their help.

The ‘mellow’ sounding Oboe Horn, invented by the late Robert Hope-Jones, is now available for sponsorship.

We suggest a minimum donation of £5 per pipe (but there is no upper limit!).

If you wish to contribute to the Sponsor A Pipe Appeal, please either:

a) Print, complete and post this document: ‘NETOA Sponsor a Pipe Appeal’ along with a cheque, as instructed on the form.


b) Contribute online by clicking one of the buttons below:

Important Notes:

i) If you are NOT a UK taxpayer please use the FIRST (standard) ‘Donate’ button

ii) If you DO pay UK Income Tax please use the SECOND ‘Giftaid It’ ‘Donate’ button:

(We get an extra 25p for every £1 you donate through the Gift Aid scheme if you are able to comply with the Gift Aid Declaration below, which is a big help: “Thank You!“)

In either case Please indicate the name which you wish to be entered on the Roll of Appreciation in the New Victoria Centre (this can be your own name or that of a friend or relative, or ‘Anon’ if you prefer).

Standard Donation:

Name for Roll of Appreciation

Gift Aid Donation:

Gift Aid Declaration:

I have paid at least the amount in UK Income Tax or Capital Gains Tax and agree to ‘Gift Aid’ my donation.

Name for Roll of Appreciation

We thank you for considering this appeal.

Sponsor the Upkeep & Maintenance of the Mighty Wurlitzer Theatre Pipe Organ.