Play the ‘Mighty’ Wurlitzer!

The Wurlitzer – Your Musical Friend:

Pedal Board, Toe Pistons, Swell & Crescendo PedalsThe organist’s-eye view of the ‘Mighty’ Wurlitzer may seem a little daunting to the uninitiated!  If you are an expert, then there is no problem, but if you are not, the 174 stop tablets and numerous other controls take a little while to work out – but it’s just a matter of a little patience and understanding – maybe you won’t be the next Phil Kelsall, but then again, who knows?

Store Your Preferred Settings:

Members of the ‘Friends of the NETOA’ can hire the New Vic Wurlitzer for private practice sessions and through the wonders of the Uniflex relay system you can store your personal piston settings for ‘instant recall’ of your favourite sounds next time you come to play.

Play at Our Regular ‘Tibia Tuesday’ Practice Sessions and Friends ‘All Stars’ Concerts:

If you enjoy playing the Wurlitzer why not find out about the Tibia Tuesday sessions when Friends of the NETOA can hire the organ for private practice* (sometimes this happens on other days as well!) OR join in the ‘Friends Entertain’ events and ‘NETOA All Stars Concerts’, both of which help to raise funds to keep the New Victoria Centre and the organ in tip top condition.  Even if you don’t play, you are always welcome to come along to enjoy these last two events – keep an eye on our annual programme leaflet and the website events page for details.

*We suggest a minimum donation of £15.00 per hour to cover the cost of using the organ and building.  To book a session please contact:

Jim Robinson: / Tel: 07812 464930

Play the Mighty Wurlitzer Theatre Organ in Howden le Wear, County Durham. Save Your Personal Settings. Practise, Play & Entertain Our Concert Audience, Tibia Tuesdays.